Providing CNC Routing Services & 3D Engraving Services With the Latest Technology

We can create custom designs in Lee and St Augustine, FL

CNC routers are used to cut, trim and shape a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic, composites, foam, honeycomb core and non-ferrous metals. If you need to complete 3D carving or milling work, turn to Spring Moon Signs & Designs in St Augustine or Lee, FL for CNC routing services.

We can complete practically any project thanks to our...

2D and 3D surfacing and engraving software for creating architectural topography
Designated 5'-by-10' process area for cutting, drilling and engraving materials
Eight-spindle tool changer for switching tool bits quickly

Our helpful staff can turn your ideas into a design file that's compatible with our router. We can import a wide range of file types, including triangle and surface models.

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How can we customize your design?

How can we customize your design?

Don't settle for basic 3D engraving services. We can fully customize and adapt your project by...

  • Transferring files from any graphic application to our router
  • Creating your design out of medium-density fiberboard, plywood, expanded PVC sheets, Corian solid surfaces, aluminum, acrylic, high-density urethane foam or other materials
  • Adding beveled or rounded edges

We'd be glad to review your project to determine if our router can deliver the results you want. Contact us today to arrange for 3D engraving services in St Augustine or Lee, FL.